New Diversity SummitTM:
Inclusive Leadership Tips & Tools for the 21st Century

Hosted by Susan McCuistion, President daiOne, LLC

New Diversity Summit's™ Inaugural Year!

We've got a healthy mix of experts from three continents – with hundreds of years of experience, combined – boasting a mix of traditional D&I experience and related backgrounds (some of which might surprise you...). After all, isn't that what diversity is about?

  • You'll learn diversity is a necessary leadership tool for everyone in your organization – not just those whose job titles include "Diversity."
  • You'll discover new ways to measure diversity —from cultural competence to bias, and more.
  • You'll hear about cutting-edge models and theories that will change the way you think about diversity in your business.

2019 Featured Speakers*

(Click on the pictures for bios)

Anna Giraldo-Kerr
Shades of Success

Assimilate or Infiltrate: Professionals of Color in the Workplace

Chris Cartwright

Can Inclusive Leadership Be Measured?: Fostering Inclusion Through an Assessment Practice

Danny Hadas
The Emovation Project

Create a Great Place to Work in Four Simple Steps

Hamlin Grange

Culture, Cognitive Diversity, and Leadership

Karen Brown
Bridge Arrow

D.I.N.E.: Are You Eating What You’re Serving?

Dr. Laura Wendt
A.T. Kearney

Our Brains Are Naturally Wired to Exclude - How do we create an inclusive work culture anyway?

Lise Bjarkli
Aquila Management Consulting AS

Can Carl Jung’s Legacy Lift Up Today’s Leadership?

- How Art Therapy Contributes to Conscious Effective Leadership

Maggie Mongan
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.

Develop Value & Profit Through Simplifying Leadership

Priya Klocek
Consultant On The Go

All Talk Little Change: Why Is It Hard to Get Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to Work?

Rob Jones

The Diversity Paradigm: Over Since the 80's

Sedrik Newbern
Newbern Consulting

Recreating Relationships

Shannon Murphy Robinson

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Unlocking the Brain to Sustain Inclusive Behavior

Sharon Kristjanson
SVK Intercultural

Creating an Inclusive Space for Differing Viewpoints

Shrivallabh Kulkarni
DimenZion3 Talent Consulting LLP

Diversity is Good.... Inclusion Makes it Great! Stories from India

Sydney Coleman

Why Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Matter and How to Get Started

Susan McCuistion

Building Inclusive Leadership through Compassion


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