Dr. Laura Wendt

Manager Diversity & Inclusion

A.T. Kearney

Laura is the global Manager of Diversity and Inclusion at A.T. Kearney and has developed dynamic Conscious Inclusion training to help industries worldwide to increase the application, promotion and retention rate of women and other underrepresented minorities. She is an international speaker who delivers unique approaches to help companies build a more diverse and productive work environment that attracts top talents and increases the motivation, satisfaction and engagement of employees.

Laura holds a PhD in Medical Psychology and Behavioral Immunobiology and within her highly recognized Neuropsychology studies she has researched and taught unconscious biases, gender challenges in the work place and the role of underrepresented minorities for more than ten years. She is the author of several scientific papers, appearing in the handbook of experimental pharmacology as well.

She has formerly worked as a Strategy Consultant focusing on change management, communication, executive coaching and large-scale organizational and digital transformation mainly in chemical, automotive and pharmaceutical industries. She has also advised the public health sector in India to develop HR performance and job satisfaction measurement tools to improve processes for hospitals and medical practices. By combining her science and consultancy backgrounds, she brings a fresh and critical perspective that is much needed in today’s society.

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