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Lise Bjarkli has for almost 30 years studied ways to develop and improve on leadership.  She’s gathered knowledge from renowned research and educational institutions, from corporate life, politics and other organizations. Not least does she draw on many years of own experience from a wide range of international and other leader roles. This has resulted in her developing a solid framework for competencies a leader needs, as well as a roadmap for which development path that person should select. The last piece of the puzzle was to find a method that would best support this development.  This all comes in handy in a world where the best leaders are needed to solve the most urgent global issues.  This is also handy in the same world where the offerings of leadership programs are overwhelming, the task of selecting one can be agonizing, and the methods they propose vary in effectiveness.

Lise has a multicultural background. Her education includes a M.Sc. in Engineering, with additional education from M.Mgt. Programs, Psychology and ongoing final years of Integrative Art Therapy studies. She’s also a certified Leadership Circle® practitioner.   

She spent some 25 years in the international IT-world, with clients ranging from automotive, finance, telecom, oil & gas, and knowledge centers, supporting them or own colleagues in the crossing between People, Strategy, Business Development, Organization, Operations and Technology.

Her focus is now on helping executives and entrepreneurs develop Conscious Effective Leadership so they can obtain sustainable results for themselves, their people & organizations - and so that we together hopefully can make a global impact!  

Every week day, she offers tips and inspiration on her Alexa Flash Briefing, A Conscious Life- Conscious Leadership.TM

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