The New Diversity SummitTM 2020

Premiere Access Bonuses

As a "thank you" for purchasing the Premier Access Pass, you'll also get access to these 5 great bonuses!

Bonus #1

Video recorded interviews with leaders and D&I professionals at top companies and institutions around the globe, plus a special report summarizing the interviews*! 

Here are the questions we're asking:

  • How do you explain the difference between diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging? What do each of these look like in your organization?
  • How do you measure success around “being inclusive”?
  • How does the external environment affect your organization? How does it affect your day-to-day work?
  • What do you see as the biggest challenges around diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging? Where are the biggest opportunities?
  • In your opinion, what is the secret to inclusion and belonging that many miss?
  • What key practices or tactics do you keep coming back to?

*Because of the current pandemic crisis, we have had to reschedule some recordings. Completed videos will be available on the first day of NDS2020, and we will continue to add additional recordings as they become available. So far, we've spoken to Troy McIntosh (US Cellular); Amri Johnson (A. Johnson Partners); Marcos Pesquera (CHRISTUS Health); Melissa Donaldson (Wintrust Financial); Dr. Richard Claydon (roundPegz). We'll continue to add to this list. The summary report will be provided by end of May 2020.

Two additional presentations, an e-book, and a live class from members of the NDS Board of Directors!

Anna Giraldo Kerr


Shades of Success, Inc.

Three Questions to Help You Navigate the Unknown (Prerecorded Presentation)

Shannon Murphy Robinson

Principal & Co-Founder

[email protected], LLC

Unlocking Unconscious Bias, the Brain, and Behavior (Prerecorded Presentation)

Rob Jones

President and CEO

InclusiveWorks® LLC

CultureNeutral® Framework


End Stage Diversity (e-book)

"Diversity is dead. Its been dead for a long time. It just doesn’t seem to know it yet. Much like pictures of Presidents on U.S. currency, we easily recognize their pictures, call them by name, carry them around with us, but they are dead, nonetheless. The Diversity Paradigm is dead. Long live diversity."

Susan McCuistion


daiOne, LLC

The Inclusive Leadership CoachTM

The Resilience Advantage(TM): Skills for Personal and Professional Effectiveness (Live Class)

A two-hour live webinar that introduces the concepts of resilience and coherence. You'll learn about the physiology of coherence, personal energy management, and techniques for building your coherence and resilience.

Due to licensing agreements, this program can only be run live, and cannot be recorded. Dates to be determined after NDS2020 enrollment is complete. Susan will run this program twice.

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