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Sedrik Newbern is President of Newbern Consulting, an Amazon best-selling author and a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker specializing in recreating relationships. When Sedrik shows up, relationships are recreated into workable, productive alliances that produce measurable results for individuals and businesses. Years of experience have taught Sedrik that personal and business difficulties always stem from relationships that are stuck, burdened and unworkable. Sedrik has an innate ability for identifying what isn’t working and revealing it so that relationships can be recreated into something that is life-giving and empowering.

A recognized leader in sales and marketing, Sedrik has developed and conducted over 500 workshops on marketing strategies and sales processes for over 2,500 business owners and leaders over the last 25 years. He has also consulted with over 1,000 small business owners on marketing strategy, processes and measurement. His success as a small business owner and consultant has been driven by his ability to develop local value-added added advertising and sponsorships with integrated social media and public relations campaigns to create sales opportunities.

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Books/eBooks by Sedrik Newbern

Unconditional Forgiveness
Lessons on Letting Go To Build Better Relationships

Unpack Now
Get Rid of the BAGGAGE in Your Relationships

How Did I Let This Happen?
5 Steps To Help You Move On

Letters 2 My Son
A Father’s Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing

Tips for Managing Social Media for Small Businesses
(Co-authored with Scott Ventura, Integraphix)

10 Free Marketing Tips
(Co-authored with Scott Ventura, Integraphix)


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