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Susan McCuistion is a cultural practitioner and creator of Compassionate Diversity®, which integrates concepts from the fields of intercultural competence, emotional intelligence, leadership, neuroscience, and more into powerful tools for change. Compassionate Diversity® uses three different, interrelated concepts - Comprehension, Connection, and Compassion - to help build empathy and create an action plan for addressing the historic and systemic issues that are a part of our current world.

Susan offers 25 years of human resources consulting, training, and outsourcing experience, together with specialty skills in national culture and subculture and diversity best practices. In addition to helping many Fortune-500 clients hone their diversity and inclusion strategy, curriculum, and measurement, she has:

  • Designed and built diversity and inclusion learning solutions and strategies for global organizations;
  • Provided intercultural competency coaching to C-suite and senior leaders, helping them improve business efficiency and effectiveness through a better understanding of their approach to cultural commonalities and differences;
  • Developed and facilitated enterprise-wide cross-cultural competency training in North America, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Throughout her career, Susan has amassed a variety of credentials. In addition to being certified in multiple cultural measurement tools, she is a HeartMath® Certified Resilience Coach. She has presented at conferences and on webinars for The Conference Board and Human Capital Institute. Her quotes and insights have appeared in articles in The New York Times and for publications by the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM). 

Susan is founder and host of the innovative online conference, New Diversity SummitTM and a #1 Bestselling Business Author. Every Monday through Friday, she offers practical tips on how to create a more inclusive workplace on her daily Alexa Flash Briefing, The Inclusive Leadership CoachTM.

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