The world drastically changed in 2020,

and "traditional" conferences scrambled to get online, many charging the same high costs they charged to attend in person.

When the New Diversity Summit™ (NDS) premiered, we were the only online diversity and inclusion conference. Our speakers collectively offered hundreds of years of experience between them. With that breadth and depth of content, what could you learn? How much more efficient could you be?

At NDS, we knew the old ways of doing D&I weren't effective, so we always focused on showcasing global experts addressing diversity, inclusion, and equity issues in new and innovative ways. There's no "getting back to normal." Our systems are breaking down so that we can build new ways to address D&I issues.

Unfortunately, time and resources meant having to end NDS, but some previous sessions are still available for purchase. If you are interested, please contact us at [email protected].


Thank you!